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About us 

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Jack & Jill Playgroup


A safe place to build a community!

Welcome to Jack & Jill Playgroup Incorporated. Established in the early 1990’s as Nirvana Playgroup, we are a parent run organisation, supported by Stonnington Council.

Our playgroup is available for 2 or 3  daily sessions of 2-3  hours in duration, open Monday to Friday. However, as of early 2023 we just started to have regular groups running; and are offering an all-ages  sessions  to build up membership again.  We also have a Spanish playgroup running twice a week.


New members are then welcome to continue attending the drop in sessions, or start their own scheduled group on the available days (minimum 5 families is suggested).
We cater for families with children ranging in age from newborn to 5 years. Playgroup is open for preschool aged children only.

Your playgroup session will allow you and your child to have regular contact with people in your local community, as well as providing valuable support and socialisation. Your involvement, whether structured or unstructured, will ensure a successful group for everyone.

Our current sessions 

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